Zoomlion provides a high quality and dependable line of agricultural equipment

The growing need and market demand for agricultural equipment in China and other areas of the world, inspired Zoomlion to develop a plan to provide the market with a high quality and dependable line of agricultural equipment. With this goal in mind, in October of 2013, the North American Research and Development Center (NARDC) was established at the 37,000 square foot Yorkville, Wisconsin facility. 

With NARDC’s three core values of integrity, creativity, and sustainability in mind, a multinational, multicultural expert team was assembled to begin engineering and developing an agricultural tractor. This state of the art, intelligent tractor will be the first product developed by our newly created Agricultural Division. In Zoomlion's effort to become a leading agricultural machinery enterprise, additional equipment, such as harvesters and various implements, is being added to the product line using the R & D Center's innovative technology and applications driven by consumers' expectations.