Construction is a process to form objects, systems or organizations through art and science. Many types of construction including residential buildings, environmental works, industrial facilities, commercial and institutional structures, transportation architecture and so on, arise every day in the world. In these modern construction sites, multiple tasks (for instance, to clear the building site, dig trenches, pour concrete foundations, pave sidewalks, move waste), have to be done efficiently and safely.

Imagine the same construction site with all of the equipment manufactured and serviced by the same company. With Zoomlion, this is possible. Zoomlion is the single source manufacturer for all of the heavy equipment needed to accomplish the job. Zoomlion’s diverse teams believe in customer centric innovation. They seek and listen to the voice of the customer and work together to meet their needs and provide applications in any category of products, whether Earthmoving Equipment, Construction Vehicles, Material Handling Equipment or Construction Equipment. The Zoomlion Construction Team is focused on providing increased productivity, cost-saving efficiency and high quality work for the customers of these products.

Zoomlion is a global leader in the equipment that customers need to develop a solid fleet and over-all solution for their construction projects. Zoomlion is working to manufacture the best products in their heavy equipment product lines and constantly bring creative solutions to improve the customer experience. Whether creating flow, eliminating waste, improving the environment, standardizing, simplifying, or innovating applications and new technologies, Zoomlion’s teams embrace and champion the challenge to provide the best quality, cost and delivery in each product and for emerging requirements.

Zoomlion can get all jobs done by one team of products, whether using the world’s largest topless tower crane, a carbon-fiber technology concrete pump or a hydraulic pilot controlled crawler crane.