Corporate Responsibility

Zoomlion Corporate Responsibility

Zoomlion North America is focused on a team environment dedicated to creating and developing innovative technology driven applications and solutions for an expanding line of products and customers. A culture of integrity, creativity and sustainabilty, drives their teams to explore new possibilities without boundaries. Design is inspired by visions of mobile intelligent work environments that meet their customers' needs of power, function and efficiency. 

In a world where customer experiences are quickly changing, Zoomlion continues to meet sustainable global demands. Outstanding performance, innovation in design and process are not just monikers, they're a promise.

Click here to read a personal perspective from Dr. Shu (Jack) Wang, General Manager of Zoomlion NA. 

Our mission..."As a model for product research, development, introduction and support, we create innovative technology driven solutions for a global market in a team focused culture of integrity, creativity & sustainability."