Our newly developed R & D Center in Yorkville is a great place to become globally connected in a multi-cultural team driven environment.

Put your talents to work. If you are looking for a challenging opportunity to share and expand your skills, consider joining Zoomlion North America’s creative, innovative and collaborative team, where we live these concepts ….every day. Zoomlion NA in Yorkville, Wisconsin is a great place to become globally connected in a multi-cultural team driven environment.

Here at Zoomlion NA, we are looking for the most qualified applicants who are inspired by the opportunity to create and introduce innovative technology driven solutions for a global market.

If you need assistance or reasonable accommodation with the job seeking or application process, please call (262) 835.1828 ext. 107 or contact


Administrative Coordinator

Sr. Mechanical Engineer - Excavator

Sr. Mechanical Engineer - Powertrain (Agriculture, Excavator or AWP)

Sr. Mechanical Engineer - Power Systems (Engine Installation)

Sr. Electrical System Engineer (Excavator, AWP)

Sr. Control Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Engineering Manager - Control Systems

Resumes and applications for qualified candidates will only be accepted for open positions.



We asked our employees why they liked working for Zoomlion. Here are some of the responses:

“I enjoy and appreciate the challenge and opportunity to use all of my combined business knowledge and experience to assist in creating a solid fundamental business platform, build and foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, participate in a respected, talented and communicative team of professionals and contribute to solutions in response to global needs.”  

"I LIKE working for Zoomlion NA for various reasons. This company gives me the opportunity to enhance interdisciplinary knowledge of the engineering world. Very talented and motivated pool of people. A stimulating environment to learn and improve all the aspects of your job, every day."

“As a growing company, Zoomlion NA offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.”

"The leadership of Zoomlion NA has a vision for good culture in our workplace. It is important to me to be working in a place where employees' personal lives, values and differences are respected. We are working together to build an organization where our colleagues feel valued, respected and able to be efficient at creating meaningful work output."

We also provide internship experiences.  One intern wrote:

“Working for Zoomlion NA has been an excellent experience for me because they provided unique opportunities to fully learn and contribute to the heavy machinery research and development process. I was able to truly utilize my mechanical engineering experience, while gaining industry specific knowledge that I will surely use in the future. Zoomlion NA had a wholesome family atmosphere and I would happily work here again.”