Zoomlion Street Sweeper

Public works or municipal services are considered “must haves” in every community. Although some functions are not common to every community, they may be classified as two types to maintain and develop public infrastructure and facilities. The first one is the daily support of residents’ living and activities, such as utilities, trash collection, recycling and so on.

Next is to provide emergency services such as, firefighting, life rescue, severe weather assistance, etc. The objective of municipal services is to take a proactive approach towards sustainability of utility consumption, people commuting, urban planning and architecture to enhance communities for future generations.

Zoomlion Ladder TruckZoomlion is committed to supplying products that protect the public's safety and the environment, and provide convenience to residents and area businesses. Zoomlion offers a wide range of innovative and reliable municipal equipment products from sanitation and snow removal to more life-saving emergency related products like their world class line of fire and rescue equipment that utilizes its exclusive active safety control technology.  Zoomlion’s ZLJ5160TXSE3 road sweepers and washers integrate the industry’s most innovative technologies: “Integrated High-level Cleanliness Road Surface Technology” and “Sewage Water Regenerative Circulation & Utilization System” developed by Zoomlion. Zoomlion also successfully developed leading technology to fill gaps in the intelligent safety controls of fire and rescue equipment, that positions Zoomlion as a global industry leader in the firefighting and emergency response equipment industry. 

Zoomlion Municipal Industry has garnered national approval with their first light emergency rescue vehicle. Zoomlion will continue pursuing product lines that meet public requirements and satisfaction and withstand a rigorous approval process. Zoomlion Municipal is constantly providing technologies and services to the public for the achievement of common social, economic, and environmental needs.

It is of utmost significance for Zoomlion to seek ways to improve the level and quality of technologies and products. When it comes to local communities, Zoomlion Municipal exercises its best efforts and caring attention to social responsibilities, engineering ethics, environmental friendliness, sustainability and reliability for today and tomorrow.