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PB33A-4ZC Placing Boom

PB33A-4ZC Placing Boom

Vertical reach 33 m
Horizontal reach 33 m
Depth of reach 26.9 m
Free standing height 24 m
Sections 4
Folding system Z
Arms angle
Rotation range
Pipeline Ø133x4
End hose length 3 m
Control mode Remote
Column mode 0.75 m x 0.75 m
Climbing mode Two lifting cylinders
Column 2 sections  |  3 sections
The heaviest single part 5700 kg  |  4200 kg
Power input 22 kW
Power supply 380 V / 50 Hz

Standard Equipment

CIFA Classic overseas concrete placing boom provides professional solutions for high buildings and large-scale constructions.

  • Wide application: PB33A-4ZC used in free standing or inner climbing to meet various jobsites
  • Precise control and high reliability: PB33A-4ZC is based on CIFA Classic overseas boom design and tower crane design technology, ensuring stable performance of machine. Control of all boom functions and the climbing device via remote control. Electronichydraulic proportional control technology enables precise control and convenient operations
  • Flexible and quick setup: with humanized design philosophy, we take every detail into consideration to facilitate quick and convenient install and uninstall of the machine
  • Easy climbing operation: climbing is carried out simply and quickly by two lifting cylinders in a convenient method with the help of the hydraulics of the boom unit
  • PB33A-4ZC electro-hydraulic proportional directional valve is from German HAWE Company in hydraulic system, which can make several executive components work at the same time. lt is with infinite speed variation, the running speed is no relation with the load. All can reduce the concussion of inverting, turning on and closing for inverting valves, so the boom can work steadily