RT35 Rough-Terrain Crane

RT35 Rough-Terrain Crane

Maneuverable and Robust Drive

  • Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer chassis
  • Fully hydraulic steering system
  • Variable steering modes - front-wheel steer, four-wheel steer and crab steer
  • Short vehicle length and small turning radius provides the crane with maximum maneuverability and flexibility in narrow job sites

Excellent off-road capability

  • Big ground clearance and departure
  • Approach angle offers excellent off-road capability

Strong Gradeability

  • Cummins electronically-controlled engine, automated transmission and steerable drive axlex provides reliable power output
  • Even in the condition of abrupt road resistance, the engine can also be functional
  • Four-wheel drive, hydraulic suspension and special tires optimize the vehicle’s drive performance to its maximum - suitable for bad roads and any job site

Pick-and-Carry Operations

  • The rough terrain crane has the ability to pick-and-carry loads, thus improves the working efficiency greatly
  • The crane can also carry out ”On tire“ lifts without extending the outrigger beams in narrow job sites
  • Superior pick-and-carry ability during short-distance transit can bring great convenience to the users

Single Cab Design

  • Single cab design with large skylight provides large field of view
  • Air-cushioned seat suits to all types of figures, which can release the driver’s or operator’s fatigue, thus improves working efficiency
  • The crane is fitted with air conditioning, suitable for all-weather work
  • Digital display and keyboard units, advanced data bus technology, error check, and audible & acoustic alarm ensure the safety and high efficiency of the operation