World-leading products for your jobsites

At Zoomlion NA, we strive for continuous improvement. That’s why we’ve created the Zoomlion NA Research and Development Center (NARDC), where our team continues to develop new products and improve existing machines to keep operators at the cutting (pushing, pulling, and lifting) edge.

New Product Research

Markets and job sites continue to evolve. Our New Product Research (NPR) team is in constant study of solutions and technologies to ensure Zoomlion NA stays a step ahead. The NPR team investigates different design paths until all goals are reached. This research is valuable to our company, customers and stakeholders – our products remain innovative and the challenges we’re given become opportunities for further success.

New Product Introduction

Once the NPR team concludes its research, the New Product Introduction (NPI) team begins designing and engineering equipment for the North American market. This includes adjusting product designs from our Asian market and making any necessary upgrades to fit the North American operator – elements like the operator's cab, and safety or pollution standards. With our clients’ budgets in mind, our NPI team works to ensure those improvements are made without a significant increase to the cost of the machine.