To haul loads or move equipment through rough places, heavy-duty trucks work as the durable workhorse. Maneuverability, efficiency, comfort and safety are needed to pull their own weight and large goods as well. Although most trucks have a common construction; chassis, cab, engine, drivetrain, hydraulic and electrical systems, it's strength, drivability, durability and visibility that are the fundamental and outstanding features that customers’ desire. Trucks can vary in size, power and configuration and are structured to mount customized equipment, such as mobile cranes, fire trucks, concrete mixers and sanitation machines, to meet fast-growing market requirements. 

Zoomlion Heavy-duty TruckZoomlion is continuously dedicated to helping their customers build a truck that meets all of their needs. Zoomlion is focused on toughness and efficiency to design their trucks to ensure that their customers’ jobs will get done smoothly and efficiently. The value of a heavy-duty truck is in its ability to be flexible, robust and take on any task. Zoomlion devotes itself to offering the customer a vehicle that is optimal for long-distance transport and constantly satisfies the increasing demands where comfort, economy, driving dynamics and variety are concerned. Zoomlion trucks will be low maintenance, easily accessible to make daily maintenance checks which in turn, helps improve workplace safety. 

Heavy-duty trucks will not only help in the urbanization drive, but also provide the base product for Zoomlion’s own products like Concrete Mixers, Fire Trucks, Garbage Disposals and Mobile Cranes for captive consumption. Zoomlion makes trucks that possess quality, are insightful, and use customer-based innovation to haul anything across all kinds of terrain. Zoomlion trucks fit customers’ business needs and contribute to their business’ profitability and efficiency by high fuel economy, high reliability and low cost of maintenance. The truck industry expansion allows Zoomlion the opportunity to leverage its' strengths in forward thinking technology and innovative applications. In addition, not only growth of product offerings, but the utilization of their solution driven resources, furthers Zoomlion's global market positioning.