• 300 US Ton Crawler Crane
  • US Cummins QSL9-C305 Tier IV Final
  • Main Boom max length 272ft
  • High reach 311ft
  • Luffing job max. length 196ft
  • Max combination: Main boom 203ft, Luffing jib 196ft, fix jib 196ft, fix jib 39ft – 98ft
  • Total weight approx. 492,800lbs
  • Main winch max line pull 33,721lbf
  • Main winch line speed 427ft/min
  • Aux winch max line pull 30,574lbf
  • Aux winch line speed 393.7ft/min
  • Hook options: 287 US Ton Block-10 sheaves (Double Hook), 176/110 US Ton Block-6 sheaves (Double Hook), 55 US Ton Block-2 sheaves, 33 US Ton Block-1 sheave, & 17.6 US Ton Headache Ball Single hook

Efficient, Quick and Safe

  • The mechanism operating speed is up 20% and the speed of each mechanism doesn't slow down while operating 2 functions simultaneously
  • Time of erecting the whole crane is less than 6 hours
  • Equipped with Omni-directional, real-time LMI and monitoring system to ensure safe operation

Convenient, Comfortable and Intelligent

  • Single transport weight is 67,241lbs, transport width is 9’11”
  • Omni-directional vehicle information platform with real time monitoring equipment operation
  • The IOT intelligent interaction system makes the mobile service come true
  • Full view cabin, buttons and switches are all within reach
  • All-around air conditioner from a comfortable operating space